About Us

For exceptional quality in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, marble fireplace mantels and surrounds, as well as custom jobs, savvy consumers turn to Ital Marble & Granite, llc.

“We treat every project as if it’s going into our own home” – Vinny Dattolo, CEO

Vinny was born in Rocca Di Neto, Italy and went to a trade school, where he studied basic design and quickly learned how to work with natural stone. He eventually moved to New York and opened his own business called Yale Stone Studio Design. After several years Vinny decided to move to an area that resembles more like home. In 2005 Vinny opened up Ital Marble and Granite, as people saw the hard work and the beautiful stone, the demand became much bigger prompting him to move to a bigger shop and his current location, 84 Pleasant Valley Road.