Ital Marble & Granite LLC

Ital Marble & Granite has more then 300 slabs of granite and other natural stone in stock and has a big display of tile, mosaic, slate, porcelain and many other types of tile. Vinny has been in the natural stone business for more then 20 years. He informs the customer about everything they need to know about their natural stone, and has had more then 10,000 satisfied customers. Ital Marble & Granite uses premium stone and top of the line products. To this day Ital Marble & Granite remains the biggest natural stone showroom in the Shenandoah Valley. Our goal is to fabricate a product that is unique to the customers specifications and their ultimate satisfaction. We use different techniques and we don’t take shortcuts. By using Ital Marble & Granite you are assured of exceptional quality and life time service.